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What To Do When My Sub-Zero Freezer Door Won’t Close

Sub zero freezer interior view

What To Do When My Sub-Zero Freezer Door Won’t Close

If you own one, you already know how much you rely on your Sub-Zero freezer to help you store food and other frozen goods day in and day out. 

So what happens when you run into issues with this appliance, such as a freezer door that won’t close properly

Needless to say, when you run into these types of problems, you’re going to be left upset and frustrated and likely not aware of how to approach the problem. 

Fortunately, here at Phoenix Appliance Pros, we know and understand how frustrating appliance breakdowns can be. And this is precisely why we’ve put together the following short troubleshooting guide on what to do when you can’t close your Sub-Zero refrigerator door.

Common Problems With Sub-Zero Freezer Doors

Although it can be extremely frustrating, there are a few common culprits that might be preventing your freezer door from closing correctly. 

Primarily, you’ll most often be dealing with a damaged door gasket, broken hinges, or a significant buildup of ice or frost, which might prevent the door from closing.

Damaged Or Torn Door Gasket

Although it’s often overlooked, your freezer’s door gasket plays a crucial role in your appliance’s efficiency. Essentially, the door gasket helps keep the unit’s door closed and tightly sealed, preventing cool air from escaping and warm air from getting in. 

Regardless, if your door gasket is either damaged, torn, or missing, you’re likely to have trouble closing your freezer door.

Sub zero freezer door gasket

Gasket Replacement Tips

On the bright side, replacing a freezer door gasket is both inexpensive and relatively simple and straightforward. In some cases, the gasket might have a few clips holding it in place, but most times, the gasket is glued onto the inside of your freezer door. 

You can remove your existing door gasket by peeling it off. Then, after you’ve obtained the right replacement, you’ll need to stick it on in the same place as the old one.

Problem With The Hinges

Alternatively, the unit’s door hinges might also cause you to have trouble closing the door properly. 

In this case, you’ll want to carefully inspect them for any signs of rust, corrosion or damage, which may be preventing them from functioning correctly. 

If anything is obstructing the hinge from working correctly, you can try removing it to see if you can fix the problem. However, in most cases, if one or more door hinges are broken, you’ll need to replace them with new ones.

Sub zero freezer door hinges

Hinge Or Door Replacement Tips

Most times, there’s nothing more than a few screws holding each door hinge in place. 

Therefore, removing your existing hinges is as simple as removing these screws. Then, you’ll need to replace it with a new one, reinstall the screws, and then your freezer door should be back to working correctly. 

With that said, you’re going to need to make sure to purchase the right replacement parts for your specific make and freezer model. So if you need help locating replacement parts for any of your home appliances, don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix Appliance Pros today.

Significant Ice Build-Up

Freezer build up ice

Sometimes, there might not be anything mechanically wrong with your freezer. And instead, it may be a buildup of ice or frost that’s preventing your door from closing correctly. 

In this case, it’s possible that because your door wasn’t closing correctly, warm air could get inside the unit. In turn, this will cause condensation, which can turn to frost and ice. 

Therefore, before replacing any parts, make sure that no ice or frost buildup prevents the door from shutting correctly. 

If there is, you can try carefully scraping and chipping away the buildup. Or you can unplug your freezer to allow it to defrost. However, if you do this, make sure not to leave any food products or frozen goods inside that might thaw out at the same time.

Freezer Is Not Levelled

Sub zero freezer level

Finally, another common yet often overlooked problem that can prevent your freezer door from closing correctly is when the unit has not been properly levelled. 

In this case, because the unit is sitting off-balance, the door or frame may warp out of shape, which can cause your issue. 

Fortunately, adjusting your freezer’s level isn’t very hard or complicated. Most units will have small adjustable legs located at the base of each corner. These can be rotating one way or the other to adjust their height and, in turn, the level of your freezer.

Sub-Zero Freezer Repair Near You

Although most issues with your freezer door are going to be relatively easy to diagnose and repair on your own, for everything else, it’s good to know that prompt appliance repair help is only a quick call away. 

Phoenix Appliance Pros is proud to service virtually all makes and models of home or commercial appliances. 

We offer prompt, efficient, and always friendly service in Phoenix and all surrounding areas. 

So whether you’ve got an issue with your Sub-Zero freezer or any other type of appliance, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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