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What To Do If Your Electric Stove Isn’t Heating Up

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What To Do If Your Electric Stove Isn’t Heating Up

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial business owner, you likely rely on your electric stovetop every day of the week. 

Therefore, when your electric stove fails to heat up when you need it to, you’re left frustrated, and in some cases, with a grumbling, hungry stomach. 

Fortunately, most electric stove issues are caused by minor problems that can easily be repaired by yourself. 

Below, we’ll walk you through a few simple troubleshooting steps to help you diagnose why your stovetop isn’t heating up properly

But first, it’s important to note that electric appliances use high-voltage circuits, which poses a severe risk to your health and safety if the necessary precautions aren’t put into place. Therefore, if you’re attempting to repair your stovetop on your own, make sure first to shut off the power at the main electrical panel. 

And, for the most part, if you’re unsure of how to proceed, don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix Appliance Pros today for quick and efficient help.

Unplug your appliance before attempting any service!

We highly recommend our readers to only perform a DIY repair if they have certain expertise or prior experience in this field. Otherwise, we are always happy to offer our professional assistance.

Damaged Controls

Depending on your stove’s make and model, many different parts and components might be causing your issue. 

And, while your issue might be a faulty internal component in some cases, the most fundamental component that will break and cause your stove not to work is its controls.

Broken Knobs

Electric Cooktop Knobs

For starters, you might have a broken control knob that’s preventing you from being able to turn the elements on. In this case, there is nothing wrong with the elements or any other internal components, and simply replacing the broken knob should fix your problem. 

So long as you can find the right part, replacing a control knob is as easy as removing the existing knob and replacing it with a new one. 

Worn Out Knob Shaft

Knob Shaft Stove

Similarly, if your knob shaft is broken, you won’t be able to turn your stove on. 

In this case, you’ll likely be able to turn the control knob all the way around without it stopping, which isn’t usual. 

To resolve this, you’ll likely need to replace the entire infinite switch, which is, unfortunately, a job best left to a professional appliance technician.

Need A Hand? Call In The Pros!

Suspect a broken knob shaft? Then, don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix Appliance Pros today.

Malfunctioning Heating Elements

In many cases, it won’t be the controls that are preventing your stove from heating up. And, instead, it will be elements themselves that have worn out and will need to be replaced. This is typically the case when only 1 or 2 of your elements aren’t working. 

To troubleshoot this, if you have a conventional electric stove, try swapping out the burner that’s not working with another one that is. If, upon making the switch, the burner now works, then you can be sure that you need to replace the faulty elements. 

However, if you make the switch and the element still isn’t heating up, you could have an issue with the element plug or your unit’s main control board.

Electric stove heating element

Burnt Main Board

Although it’s not very common, your appliance’s main control board may have been fried, preventing the unit from working properly. 

This is typically the result of a power surge or an old appliance that’s been used for a long time. 

Either way, if this is the case, the entire control module will likely need to be replaced. 

Unfortunately, diagnosing and replacing a stove’s mainboard isn’t a job that you should attempt on your own. In many ways, the control board is the heart of your electric stove, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to cause more harm than good accidentally. 

If you suspect a faulty mainboard, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

main board electric stove

Blown Fuses

Fuses are another common issue that might cause your stovetop not to heat up. These are used to prevent your appliance from taking damage during a power surge.

So, while a blown fuse can be extremely inconvenient, if you have a fuse blown, it means that it did its job correctly. 

While finding and replacing a blown a fuse is easy enough, if there is another underlying issue that causes you to blow a fuse in the first place, you’re, unfortunately, only going to keep blowing fuses until you’ve resolved the main issue. 

For help finding the main issue, don’t hesitate to contact a professional appliance technician today!

fuse electric

Other Failed Electrical Components

When it comes to electric stovetops, especially modern stoves, with all sorts of fancy features, the fact is that there are dozens of reasons your appliance might be malfunctioning. 

While some issues, such as a blown fuse or a faulty element, are simple and straightforward, other issues like diagnosing a faulty control board are much more complicated. 

So, unless you already have experience working on these types of appliances, we highly recommend that you not attempt to repair your appliance on your own. 

Not only does it represent a risk to your own personal health and safety, but you also risk causing more damage and possibly even voiding your unit’s warranty.

not working electric stove

Electric Stove And Appliance Repair In Phoenix

Whether you need help with your electric stove, oven, fridge, freezer, or refrigerator, it’s good to know that help is only a quick phone call away. 

Phoenix Appliance Pros is proud to serve Phoenix and all surrounding areas with best-in-class appliance repair, always at an affordable price. 

We staff nothing but the best, most experienced appliance technicians with all the tools and knowledge necessary to diagnose and repair your appliance in no time. 

Got a question or concern? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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