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How To Repair A Wine Cooler That’s Not Cooling Properly

How To Repair A Wine Cooler That's Not Cooling Properly

How To Repair A Wine Cooler That’s Not Cooling Properly

Similar to fridges, freezers and your other home appliances, countertop and built-in wine coolers are prone to malfunctions from time to time. Whether it’s from everyday wear and tear, or from manufacturer defects, your wine cooler could be acting up for all kinds of reasons.

Fortunately, we’ve put together the following guide to help explain a few troubleshooting ideas and safety tips that you should consider when trying to get your appliance back up and running again. The first and most important tip is to avoid disassembling the cooler or its internal components on your own. There are, of course, some DIY steps you can take, however, it’s best to leave the real repairs to the pros.

Wine Cooler Won’t Turn On At All

The most common problem that we see our customers run into is a wine cooler that’s simply not cooling their beverages properly. And, while a wine cooler that isn’t actually cooling can be an inconvenience, there are a few surprisingly common culprits.

Wine Cooler Is Not Plugged

Before you panic and go to pick up the phone to call a technician to help out, first check to see if the cooler is, in fact, plugged in. Often, we’ve gotten calls from disgruntled customers, mad about their wine coolers not working properly, only to find out that they must have knocked the plug loose while cleaning. So do yourself a favor, and before you call us, make sure that your wine coolers is actually plugged in properly, and that the outlet is actually getting power from your home’s main electrical panel. 

You can also test the outlet by plugging another device into it to see if it works. If it does, you’ve got power. But if not, you’ll need to investigate the issue further.

Is Not Plugged

Tripped Circuit Breaker

the breaker may have been tripped at your home’s

In some cases, if the unit’s outlet isn’t getting any power, the breaker may have been tripped at your home’s main panel due to an electrical surge of some sort. This is typically the case if there is no power running to several outlets in that same area of your home. Therefore, make sure to check your breakers to see that none of them are in the ‘off’ position. 

Malfunctioning Controls


In other cases, your unit may be getting power, but it’s controls simply aren’t working. This might be due to a faulty thermostat, or depending on your model, it may be the unit’s control panel itself. To check your thermostat, you can try setting it to a cooler temperature. Within a few seconds, you should be able to hear the unit kick on as it tries to cool its interior down. If the unit doesn’t kick on, then your thermostat might be faulty, or there might be an issue with the control panel itself.

If you see that breaker has been tripped, you can try flipping back on and then checking to see if the outlets now have power. If the breaker continues to trip, don’t hesitate to call a local electrician or an appliance repair technician today.

Compressor Is Not Working


Another issue that can stop a wine cooler from working properly is when the compressor begins to malfunction. The compressor is used to circulate coolant throughout your unit, which helps keep things cool. 

Diagnosing and repairing a faulty compressor, however, isn’t something that you should attempt on your own. Instead, it’s better to contact a professional appliance technician who can get the job done quickly and easily.

Won’t Reach Desired Temperature


Maybe your wine cooler is working, but it’s not reaching the temperature that you want it to. In these cases there are a few things you can do such as checking to ensure the door is closed properly and that there is proper air flow in the cooler itself. Again, this could be an issue with the unit’s thermostat, or its main control board.

Broken Control Board


The control board itself is what controls the unit’s internal temperature, as well as any other features your unit might have. Therefore, if it’s malfunctioning or broken, you’ll need to contact a professional technician to help you find the right parts to replace.

Lights Won’t Turn On

viking wine cooler

One of the main selling points on many modern wine coolers is their interior lighting, that can help add ambiance and mood into your kitchen. 

Like any typical fridge, when you open the cooler doors, the light goes on so you can see everything. These particular lights are specially made since typical lights would ruin the bottles of wine stored inside.

If the lights on your unit are no longer working, and you’ve checked the above mentioned troubleshooting steps, your next best bet is to call for professional help.

Our technicians will be able to diagnose and repair your unit quickly and easily, getting it back up and running in no time!

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