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Dishwasher Faults And Maintenance Tips

Dishwasher Repair in Phoenix

Dishwasher Faults: Maintenance and Repairs Tips

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Dishwasher’s purpose is to make your life easier and help you save your time. Therefore, it can be pretty disappointing when the dishwasher stops working. How to deal with all these dirty dishes? How do I find time to wash it all manually? To avoid these inconveniences maintain your dishwasher properly. We’ll give you some tips about dishwasher maintenance and repair here, so be sure to check them out.


Dishwasher Sprinkler Arm
Circulation Drain Pump Motor

Wash Arms Issues

The purpose of the wash arms is to circulate the water throughout the dishwasher cleaning dishes both in lower and upper racks. If water can’t make it through the arms, the dishes will stay dirty. In case after the end of the cleaning cycle, the dishes came out not clean enough make sure to examine the wash arm’s water holes. Often they are clogged with the food residue and debris. This might significantly hinder the washing process. To clean up the arms remove them and then wash them carefully with a large amount of hot water, unclogging debris from the water holes. Also, make sure that the wash arms assemblies are attached to the water supply nozzles properly before and after arms maintenance.

Circulation and Drain Pump Motor

The circulation pump pumps up the water through the sprinkler arms. If there is not enough pressure, the dishes won’t clean properly. The pump uses a motor and an impeller in order to achieve this. Firstly, you have to ensure that the power supply reaches the generator. Secondary, examine the pump housing for the sludge and food debris and clean it up to ensure that the impeller can rotate normally. The motor might need replacement if the power supply flows normally and the impeller rotation is not obstructed. If the motor isn’t producing any sound or makes a humming noise when the dishwasher is filled and operational, it can mean that the motor has burned out. In this case, you may also need to replace it.

Pump Belt
Water Inlet Valve
Wash Impeller

Pump Belt Occasions

Another Reason for the dishwasher to malfunction is a water pump belt issues. Keep in mind that some dishwashers don’t have a water pump belt altogether, so make sure that your model has one. If the water pump belt is torn, the pump may start malfunctioning, potentially hindering the cleaning cycle. In order to examine the water pump belt remove the lower panel of your dishwasher – the belt is located below the motor. In case the belt is worn badly or broken, replace it.

Water Inlet Valve

The purpose of the water inlet valve is to supply the dishwasher with water. Without providing proper amounts of water your dishwasher may not be able to clean the dishes completely. Examine the water inlet valve for the clogs and defects. If the valve is clogged, it is better to avoid cleaning it on your own, because it will likely cause other faults. Replace the defective water inlet valve or call experts for assistance.

Wash Impeller

Wash impeller is a small plastic wheel, designed to force the water up to the wash arms. If some of the impeller’s ribs are damaged or the wheel is totally broken, water won’t get needed the pressure to complete the cleaning cycle properly. In most dishwashers impeller is replaceable, but sometimes it’s built in the pump and motor assembly system. So, if the impeller is damaged – replace it, but first, you may consult with the expert to avoid needless spendings.

After looking through these tips you learned more about possible dishwasher faults and ways how to fix it. However, this list is not absolutely comprehensive. We recommend calling professionals to get expert help and save your time and nerves.

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