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Maytag washing machine not working properly?

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Is Maytag Washing Machine not Working Properly? Here is why!

It could be very disturbing when your washer is not turning on, not spinning or is leaking water from underneath. Water under your washing machine is the last thing you want to see when you come home after a long day at work. However, there is no need to panic. You can always fix your washer on your own instead of buying an expensive replacement. Just keep in mind that you have to take actions if you do not want to pay your neighbors for damaged ceiling or furniture.

These are some of the most common problems. So, what should you do to get rid of them and avoid this situation again in the future?  We have some tips that might help you.

Always remember to unplug your washing machine before attempting service.

What can cause  problems with starting?

electric plug

Incoming Power Issues

The first thing you should determine if the electrical outlet the appliance is plugged into is getting power. If not, check whether the breaker is tripped.  It might surprise you, but some users do face this problem.

damaged cord

Damaged Power Cord

The problem may be caused by the damaged power cord. It could also prevent your Maytag washing machine from starting. You can use a multimeter to test the cord for continuity to determine if it requires replacement.

maytag control panel

Defective User Control Panel

If some of the buttons on your control panel are not working, they might need a replacement. If most of them are not working properly you might need to replace the whole control board.

  1. First of all, make sure it is the washer that is leaking the water. Simply soak up all the water with a towel and make the whole wash spin without clothes inside.

  2. Once you figured out that the washing machine is leaking you can take actions. To deal with a small leak you probably need to tighten the hose, change the o-rings or replace the inlet screen.

  3. Also, check both water supply hoses. They might be ripped or not tight enough. If hoses are still leaking after tightening, the o-rings on input and output sides should be replaced.

  4. The other common problem is related to the Maytag washer drain plug. If your washing machine is new it comes with a plug that you will need to remove. Otherwise, the washer will not drain appropriately.

If you are not sure what causes the leak, get some help from an appliance repairman.

Troubleshooting the Spinning Problem

drive belt

1. Faulty Drive Belt

One of the most common problems that affect the work of your washer is a faulty drive belt. It is very easy to check its condition by opening the access panel. The belt might be too loose or damaged. You need to tighten or replace it.


2. The water pump

If your clothes are not spinning dry in the washing machine, you may need to check the water pump. It sometimes can be clogged with small clothes like socks, underwear, accessories, etc. In fact, it can prevent the whole drum from spinning.

washer's motor

3. Motor issues

One of the most serious problems is associated with the motor. The motor is the main part of the washer and it needs to be replaced by professional technicians.

If you faced at least one of these issues, you definitely should get help from our appliance repair service.

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