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Whirlpool Top-Loading Washer Error Codes

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Whirlpool Top-Loading Washer Error Codes And What To Do About Them

Washer machine error codes are one of the most handy tools for diagnosing washing machine problems. They still do have certain drawbacks – error codes are not always accurate and sometimes are plainly misleading. This is why we have used official Whirlpool guidelines for error codes and tried to provide our own feedback – how do you handle them? Can you fix the problem on your own, or maybe it is better to call a technician– and would it even make sense to attempt repairing your washing machine at all?

Whirlpool Error Codes

Issues With the Lid

whirlpool top loader washer lid


This error code means that the lid was left open. Is it actually closed? Most likely you have a broken door switch – diagnose it properly or invite a technician to do it for you.

“LdL” and “LdU”

These codes stand for “Lid cannot lock” and “Lid cannot unlock” respectively. Make sure that nothing prevents the lid from closing properly and the lock can indeed engage. Make sure the lid itself is clean – detergent build up may prevent the lid from locking. The lid is perfectly clean and you still get this error? Most likely you have an electric failure – either you need to change the lid lock assembly or there is a problem with the control board.

Issues With Drain and Water Supply

washer water valve


Your washer is not draining properly. Have you just installed your washing machine? Sometimes the error can be caused by an improper installation. If you performed the installation on your own – check the instructions one more time and make sure the drain is connected properly. Most of the time this error is caused by a clogged drain, however.


This code indicates that hot and cold inlet hoses were possibly inverted during the installation. You can always check this manually, however there is an off chance that the error code is generated by one of the faulty sensors.

“LF”, “Lo FL” or “F8 E1”

These error codes mean that you may have issues with the water supply. Check the valve and makes sure the washer gets enough water. Call a technician if are sure the water supply is fine.

Issues With Power or Electric Components

washer main board

“F#”, “E#” or “F##”

These codes indicate an error within the control board itself (substitute # with any number, 0 to 9). Try clicking Start twice to restart your washer. If the problem persists, you will most likely have to call a repair service, since these error codes indicate that one of the parts is malfunctioning. Still, it is always a good idea to let a professional technician to diagnose your appliance first!


This code stands for “power failure”. Try resetting the error by pressing START or POWER buttons. If the problem persists you may have to replace either one of the built-in fuses or the control board itself.

Other Issues

foaming washer


This code means that your washer is overloaded. Try removing some items from the basket.


This code means that the washer is off balance. Normally the washer will try to balance the items inside on its own. Overall it is a good idea not to load single items in the washer, until adding more items would lead to overload.


This code means that there is excessive suds in the water. Most likely you have a problem with your detergent. Whirlpool recommends using High Efficiency (HE) detergents in this case, however the problem may also lie with a malfunctioning detergent cup.

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